CustomVideo: Customizing Text-to-Video Generation with Multiple Subjects

1The Chinese University of Hong Kong   2Huawei Noah Ark's Lab   3The University of Hong Kong

Overview of Comparison and Generated Videos


Customized text-to-video generation aims to generate high-quality videos guided by text prompts and subject references. Current approaches designed for single subjects suffer from tackling multiple subjects, which is a more challenging and practical scenario. In this work, we aim to promote multi-subject guided text-to-video customization. We propose CustomVideo, a novel framework that can generate identity-preserving videos with the guidance of multiple subjects. To be specific, firstly, we encourage the co-occurrence of multiple subjects via composing them in a single image. Further, upon a basic text-to-video diffusion model, we design a simple yet effective attention control strategy to disentangle different subjects in the latent space of diffusion model. Moreover, to help the model focus on the specific object area, we segment the object from given reference images and provide a corresponding object mask for attention learning. Also, we collect a multi-subject text-to-video generation dataset as a comprehensive benchmark, with 63 individual subjects from 13 different categories and 68 meaningful pairs. Extensive qualitative, quantitative, and user study results demonstrate the superiority of our method, compared with the previous state-of-the-art approaches.


We propose a simple yet effective co-occurrence and attention control mechanism with mask guidance to preserve the the fidelity of subjects for multi-subject driven text-to-video generation. During the training stage, only the key and value weights in the cross-attention layers are fine-tuned, together with a learnable word token for every subject. In the inference stage, given a text prompt integrated with learned word tokens, we can easily obtain high-quality videos with specific subjects.

Comparison with SOTA

Qualitative results of our CustomVideo with comparison to SOTA methods. We can observe that our CustomVideo
can generate videoswith much better fidelity of subjects compared with previous SOTA methods.

Two-subject T2V Customization

Three-subject T2V Customization


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